1.  The Base

The SofTrak® turf system is constructed over a two-layer flex base that provides stable support, drains quickly, and won’t crack from freezing or expanding soils. The putting surface can even be designed with contours and undulations for uphill, downhill, and breaking putts.

2. The Turf
SofTrak® turf is a specialized product manufactured from fibers specifically designed to simulate the softness, texture, density, and color of natural bent-grass. SofTrak® turf is manufactured to precise specifications incorporating 36% more fibers per square inch than any other surface in order to create a putting surface that is truly realistic and performs just like a natural bent-grass green. SofTrak® turf, and the fiber used to make it, were developed by and manufactured exclusively for X-Grass Worldwide Turf Solutions!

3. The In-fill System
The SofTrak® system integrates a unique in-fill system called RQS-2000™ into the fibers of the turf which creates a natural feel in the putting surface. Other greens are filled with ordinary sand which causes the putting surface to compact and harden over time. RQS-2000™ is an exclusive product made from a specifically formulated blend of round quartz which is designed to keep the putting surface soft and playable.

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