“Next Generation Lawns” From Harmony Pointe Greens

  1. XGrass synthetic turf that is friendly to people, pets and the environment
  2. No nylon fibers which some tests have shown increases lead exposure
  3. No watering, no pesticides, herbicides, no crumb rubber
  4. 100% recyclable polyethylene, polypropylene fibers and Dura-Flo backing
  5. Integrates innovative concepts such as using fine white coquina shell areas;  the contrast of the bright white coquina shell and the evergreen synthetic turf is dazzling, a much cleaner look than mulch and requires no maintenance

Re-gain your spare time with your “Next Generation Lawn”
When it’s dry, you’re trying to save your yard through watering!
When it rains you’ll be mowing wet grass that is overgrown…every week!
Have it look great everyday, rain or shine, hot or cold!


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