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Harmony Pointe Greens is focused on creating higher value for your real estate and enabling our customers to build a great short game through unique, one-of-a-kind synthetic turf golf complexes and putting greens. Additionally, Harmony Pointe delivers synthetic turf playgrounds and lawns. In many cases, an area on your property may be virtually unusable, but with the Harmony Pointe Greens team, we can make it the most interesting area of your property either with a par 3 complex with multiple tees to multiple greens using multiple cup locations; a backyard putting green, a safer playground for children or a synthetic lawn.

By providing their customers with unique experience, vision and a clear understanding of deliverables, Harmony Pointe distinguishes itself. The customer-focused fundamentals of Harmony Pointe Greens were developed over two years during the initial concepts, permitting, design, and installation of Harmony Pointe, The Marsh Course on the Salt River in West Central Florida, just off the Gulf of Mexico. The ability to use Design by Barbaron on your project is anther differentiator.

“My green was not initially designed or installed properly. It was completely unplayable. SofTrak called Harmony Pointe Greens in and together, they took over the process to rectify the situation to my satisfaction. They reinstalled the green, lessening what had been too severe a slope,
re-seamed improper seams, in-filled and rolled the green to the proper specifications. Since then, the Harmony Pointe team has been back numerous times to maintain it and ensure the green is performing correctly. It’s rolling great now and we love putting on it.”

Curtis C Tarpon Springs, FL

“Working with Jeff Hartson from Harmony Pointe Greens was a delight. Jeff took the time to answer many questions and arranged several conference calls so everyone would be on the same page. He was willing to work around the construction schedule and the playground installation. What I appreciate most is the fact that Jeff makes sure the customer is completely satisfied with the product. He doesn't just sell the product and move on. He checks back from time to time to make sure the customer is pleased; even returning to the site to check the wear and tear of the SofGrass Play turf. The children and parents here at Open Arms Child Development Center love the SofGrass Play and the incredible cushioning it provides on our playground around the climbing structures. I don't have to worry about allergies to grass, fertilizers, bugs, watering or lawn care. The grass always looks nice. I would also recommend Harmony Pointe Greens to others interested in a beautiful lawn that is maintenance free.”

Deb Schrank
Open Arms , Director

"Harmony Pointe Greens was instrumental in all phases of our reconstruction process for our non-functional putting green.  Jeff Hartson recommended a product that would meet our residents' expectations for a durable and easily maintained product.  He also provided a design that created a green with challenging holes for our more experienced golfers.  The reconstruction process was seamless and now our residents can have hours of enjoyment with their friends and family members.   Thanks Harmony Pointe Greens!"

- Richard Drake
  Community Manager

“When the green was being built I had mixed emotions, but after putting on it I fell in love with it. The putts roll true on SofTrak greens.”

- Bob Erickson,
  PGA Tour Professional, Ping Advisory Council for 34 yrs

“Harmony Pointe Greens gave us a professional presentation, a scale diagram of what our green would look like and it became part of our agreement.” They delivered exactly what we agreed to…and more. we LOVE our green. My wife won low net and low putts in the ladies league yesterday. She had 7 pars in 9 holes!! The practice green is paying off!!

T Henry: SofTrak Green owner

“The vision, uniqueness and collaboration on Harmony Pointe led to a strategic alliance between our companies. We were pleased to design Harmony Pointe and it has become one of Florida’s premier waterfront Par 3 golf complexes. The putts roll very true and the greens received shots like I expect them to on a golf course.”

Terry LaGree,
VP, Barbaron, Harmony Pointe Designer

“I putted on the Harmony Pointe’s SofTrak greens. Great roll! Harmony Pointe is a one-of-a-kind golf complex.”

Jimmy Brothers
Director of Golf, Plantation Inn & Golf Resort

Fred Couples
PGA Golf Professional
“My SofTrak® Putting Green helps me improve my short game yet it’s also fun for our entire family, and it looks great in our yard.”

Steve Flesch

Steve Flesch - PGA Golf Professional
PGA Golf Professional
“My SofTrak® Putting Green brings a tour
quality putting surface to my own backyard.”
Bruce Lietzke - PGA Golf Professional Bruce Lietzke
PGA Golf Professional
“My SofTrak® green not only accepts shots and spins them, but it looks great and is easy to maintain..”

Rich Beem

Rich Beem - PGA Golf Professional
PGA Golf Professional
“This green is even better than I had imagined. SofTrak is much more impressive than the green I had at my previous home in Las Cruces; which was made by another company.”
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Harmony Pointe Greens is proud to offer “Design by Barbaron” for SofTrak industry leading synthetic turf:

- Golf complexes
- Par 3 courses
- Backyard putting greens
- SofPlay playgrounds
- SofGrass lawns.
Additional design services involve major landscape projects, both commercial and residential as Terry LaGree, VP Barbaron is a registered landscape architect.







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