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Harmony Pointe Luxury Lawn Family

Grass fiber: APolyethylene with MS Pro fiber
Lower, Thatch Layer:     A Multi-color texturized nylon
Backing:               A         DuraFlo
Color Options:   A  Spring Green
Mfr. Warranty:       A        9 year for UV
Pile Height:             A   2”
Roll width:             A 15 ft.

Harmony Pointe Luxury Blend Face Weight*:       1  50 oz $ 4.10  / sq ft (sq ft)
Harmony Pointe Luxury Pro Face Weight*:             80 oz $ 5.15  / sq ft (sq ft)
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*Harmony Pointe Lawn Products use the industry leader DuraFlo backing, which is very lightweight
(and 100% recyclable) therefore the overall product weight is lighter/sq ft than other products.  As a
result, the product’s face weight is used.
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